About Chinese Directory of Canada

CN411.ca is based in Toronto, Canada. It is a full service website specializing in providing quality Internet content and professional services to online Chinese community. CN411.ca was founded in March 2005. It is one of the largest Chinese Web Sites in Canada. CN411.ca website has three versions: Simplified Chinese, for people from Mainland China; Traditional Chinese, for people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, also English version;

CN411.ca has set its objectives as providing a hub for global information sharing and opening up trade opportunities between the east and west, providing the international and Canada news for Chinese community in Canada. We also provide services which could help people to remove language and cultural barriers and build online communities. Currently, CN411.ca functions as a info-media. It allows web surfers to obtain information on all areas.

If you are looking for the most efficient and effective means of reaching Chinese-Canadian consumers, you are in the right place.

Chinese 411 can offer you a one-stop shop for directories that reach the fast growing, affluent and highly educated Chinese-Canadian communities in the top Canadian markets of Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, London, Windsor, Waterloo, Hamilton and Other Region.

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